Top Calorie, Diet and Weight Loss iPhone Apps

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Finding the right weight loss program for you can be difficult, with many options now available. When selecting a program, you need to consider your individual needs, including your age, body index, metabolic rate and nutritional requirements. You should also consider the main food groups and exercise methods available to you.

It can be a difficult to get the balance right, but thankfully, there are now many iPhone apps to help. Following are five of the top apps to help you create your plan and monitor your weight loss plan effectively.

True Weight

A common problem is finding a way to keep track of your weight, when on a strict schedule. Our weight fluctuates while on a weight loss program, and this may be discouraging at times. This is where the True Weight app can help. This app doesn’t dictate the food you eat, and the exercise you take, instead, it shows you your true weight, an average of your individual weight measurements. The True Weight app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

To start your plan, you enter your current weight; the app then breaks down your weight, to find your “true weight”. This is a combination of many factors that affect your weight on a daily basis.

The True Weight app helps you to manage and monitor your weight loss. All you have to do is simply enter your weight every day; the app then calculates how much weight you have lost in the previous week, and in time, the previous month. The app provides information on how many calories you need to keep up your energy, and includes a line graph on the bottom, to easily monitor your progress.

A good, easy-to-use app, True Weight can be downloaded for a small charge from the ITunes store.

The FoodScanner

The FoodScanner takes advantage of the iphone’s built-in camera and gives users the ability to scan the UPC barcodes of virtually any food item. For $2.99, this app adds some serious functionality to the iphone. A quick scan of the barcode on a favorite beverage or snack will reveal the complete nutrition facts in a matter of seconds. This information will tell you if the food item you are about to buy aligns with your fitness and weight loss goals. Scanning items eaten throughout the day is a hassle-free and enjoyable way to keep track of calories.

Advanced BMR Calculator

 BMR calculator

This app can be used on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The Advanced BMR Calculator provides a state-of-the-art interface, is easy to use, and allows you to calculate your exact BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) with ease.

The Advanced BMR Calculator also gives you the option to share your results by text or image (using email), so is great for both personal and group/business use. The fully interactive controls allow for a user-friendly app experience. This app provides very useful information, such as the BMR for men/women, your BMI (Body Mass Index), your current weight status, and your ideal weight.

Using these options, you can easily achieve your ideal weight with dieting and exercise, and email your results to colleagues, friends, and whoever else you like! Great for group weight-loss programs, where you need to share your progress.

This is a very useful app, with additional email and text options.

Absolute Fitness

This app can be used on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Absolute Fitness allows you to track your food intake with its in-built food nutritional database, and also log your exercises/daily activities. With comprehensive information, Absolute Fitness is more like a health and fitness journal, combined into one app!

The easy set-up screens allow you to enter basic information about yourself, for example, your gender, age, weight and height. You also enter your ‘goals’ i.e. “I want to lose X pounds of weight” and your current activity level.

Absolute Fitness includes helpful tips on each screen, and video tutorials to help you make your selections.

The comprehensive food database includes information on a large number of foods, all grouped into food ‘types’. You can scroll to your favorite foods, check their nutritional value, find out more information about the food using the ‘Food/Quantity Analysis‘ tool, and save the food to your daily food intake list. You can also add foods to a favorite list, saving you time in the future.

The Absolute Fitness app then allows you to record your daily nutritional intake, including information on the calories you have consumed and fat intake. It also lets you to record your activities, and monitor calories burned. Graphs are available to record your progress.

Overall, this is a comprehensive tool to monitor weight-loss and set goals. Absolute Fitness can be downloaded from the ITunes store, for a charge.

BMI Calculator

BMI calculator is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It is a free application that allows you to easily calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index). The resulting calculation indicates the BMI category you should be in i.e. underweight/normal/obese etc.

You can easily change the settings to provide calculations in cm or inches and in kg or lbs.

This app is easy to use, with a straight-forward and simple, but attractive interface, and includes graphs to illustrate your results.

BMI Calculator is an efficient app, for those wanting to keep it simple. It can be downloaded free of charge from the ITunes store.

Body Values Light

The Body Values Light app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This free app analyzes and monitors your weight, body fat ratio, BMI, blood pressure and pulse.

Body Values Light provides an overview of your overall health, according to your current personal information; height, weight, BMI (Body Mass Index,) body fat percentage, pulse, and blood pressure. Taking into account all of these factors, the app recommends the optimal value for each area. You can then view the results in a graph and see what parameter in your health you need to improve.

Changes to body weight can be tracked accurately using the Body Values Light app; you simply enter your weight every day, and then get an immediate analysis of your body fat percentage, BMI and any targets you have set for weight loss.

This is a very useful app, and can be downloaded free from the ITunes store.


With a little help from one of the above apps, you can set a weight loss plan, monitor your progress and look forward to seeing great results! The apps are very easy to use and convenient to access at any time, making them an essential tool to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

I know that when embarking on a personal program, I need useful information, and ease of access, and hopefully, you too will find these features with your ideal weight-loss app.

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